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We facilitate healing for all women survivors of childhood sexual abuse in order to educate and empower women to reach the full potential God has purposed for all areas of their lives. 

Our Story:

Our Vessel of Life founder, Angelica Ramirez lived through years of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of several uncles and cousins.


This childhood sexual abuse impacted her relationship with family and caused immediate and long term trauma in her life. Angelica desired wholeness and healing.


Lacking the family support necessary through the healing and recovery process, Angelica spent years pursuing her healing journey with God. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Angelica has an affinity and heart for women that have survived this similar trauma and a passion to support the healing of other survivors.


Today, healed and recovered from her trauma by God, Angelica’s response to help other women survivors is Vessel of Life.


Why Vessel of Life:

The term Vessel is used to refer to each special woman survivor of childhood sexual abuse as an agent or vehicle for God’s purpose, which is an abundant and fruitful life. We believe all women are fearfully and wonderfully made by God to be a vessel of life. Vessel of Life promotes healing, wholeness, empowerment, joy and honor in the lives of women survivors of childhood sexual abuse.



Vessel of Life will serve as a safe haven and vessel of God to facilitate healing in the lives of women survivors of childhood sexual abuse. We will serve as a catalyst for healing through a life centered on a personal relationship with Jesus and the provision of trauma and survivor-informed services focused on Healing, Education and Empowerment.



  • Prayer for any area of a woman’s life

  • Develop a survivor-centered individualized healing plan

  • Christ-centered individual and group counseling

  • Connect with other survivors


  • Impact of sexual abuse

  • Trauma's impact on the physical body, mind and spirit

  • Identify coping behaviors developed as a result of trauma

  • Develop tools for self-care


  • Connect to a local church to call home

  • Develop and sustain healthy relationships

  • Understand God's purpose for your life

  • The power of confessions